Sit Investment Associates

Sit Investment Associates is a multi-billion-dollar, global asset management firm providing a range of global growth equity and fixed income products to institutional and individual investors. The firm offers customized, separately-managed portfolios, private investment funds, no-load mutual funds, and collective investment trust funds. The firm was founded by Eugene Sit in 1981.

Sit Investment Associates brings the same standards of excellence to its investment practices that it does to its commitment to the community. Since its beginning, the Minnesota-based investment firm has shared its success and growth with worthwhile causes over many years, generously donating to and partnering with numerous charitable organizations and causes.

In December 2019, the Sit Family and Sit Investment Foundations received the Outstanding Philanthropic Organization award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Minnesota Chapter. The Sit family and Sit Investment associates have carried on a philanthropic tradition through the generations by investing both time and treasure to their communities and Minnesota soldiers.

Firm Founder Gene Sit and his wife, Gail, are remembered for their leadership, humanity and many philanthropic efforts. Gail Sit and her family have continued their philanthropic work following Gene’s passing in 2008, and the firm, now led by their son Roger Sit, remains heavily invested in the welfare and enrichment of its community. It is particularly focused on helping disadvantaged children and appreciation for the efforts of the members of the armed forces throughout Minnesota. Sit Investment Associates is a long-standing sponsor of The Federated Challenge and a steadfast supporter of its worthwhile efforts.

Gene and Gail Sit were 2008 Federated Challenge Honorees.

2008 Honorees Gene and Gail Sit of Sit Investment Associates