Sit Investment Associates

Sit Investment Associates® blends its passion for top results investment with its commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism, creating an environment in which its clients and its community grow stronger each day.

In 1981, Gene Sit founded Sit Investment Associates, a Minnesota-based investment firm. Gene and his wife, Gail, were the 2008 Federated Challenge Honorees.

Gene’s business success was matched only by his achievements as a philanthropist, and as a husband and father. Throughout his career, Gene and Gail devoted their time and energy to numerous charitable causes. They were particularly passionate about helping members of the armed forces and disadvantaged children throughout Minnesota. Gene’s passing in 2008 has left a huge void in the hearts of Minnesotans who deeply share his values. Gene is remembered for his leadership and humanity.

2008 Honorees Gene and Gail Sit of Sit Investment Associates

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