Minnesota United FC

Minnesota United FC is an accessible, resilient and unifying force bringing the fastest growing sport in the country to fans in Minnesota and across the Twin Cities with innovative style. Building a new home in the heart of two industrious cities, the North is rising — not replicating, but ushering in a new era of soccer in America.

“This charity is giving some kids who would not normally have an opportunity to do great things with their lives, the opportunity to be great,” Wright said. “It is incumbent upon all of big business and all of the business leaders in the state of Minnesota to try and associate with young men and young women who are at risk — who need help.”

Club History

Professional soccer emerged at the forefront of Minnesota sports in 1976 when the Kicks first began play at the old Met. That legacy has continued for 40 years. Trophies, underdog drama and individual success converge to form the essence of Minnesota soccer. With United beginning MLS play in 2017, the next chapter of professional soccer in Minnesota has begun.

CEO Chris and Walla Wright of Minnesota United FC