Saint Paul RiverCentre

This sprawling venue opened in 1998 to complement the existing Roy Wilkins Auditorium and St. Paul Civic Center, which was soon after demolished to build Xcel Energy Center. Since then, Saint Paul RiverCentre has become a renowned location for events of all types to help support communities, make a positive impact, create vibrancy and foster connections.

The architecture and style display many materials from St. Paul and greater Minnesota, including brick and wood from the north woods. Windows were the main focus of the design, providing a beautiful view of the river from the bluff. Inside this venue, guests will discover unique works from Public Art Saint Paul, including etched glass windows and an award-winning terrazzo floor.

Renowned for its leadership in sustainability, this venue is part of a campus that was one of the first to offer front-of-house organics composting. MHC Culinary Group will  delight you with their award-winning, mouth-watering menus.

175 West Kellogg Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55102