Rosen's Diversified Inc

A true partner in every sense of the word, Rosen’s Diversified, Inc., serves clients nationwide in a number of agricultural industries, while maintaining its responsibility to make the world a better place.

Tom Rosen, President and CEO of Rosen’s Diversified, Inc, was the 2015 Federated Challenge Honoree.

“There are many charities out there, but the Federated Challenge is my favorite,” Tom said in his Federated Challenge Address. “Every dollar goes to the kids. There are Minnesota kids out there who need a hand to get ahead in life.

“The Federated Challenge Scholarship program helps send kids to trade schools, junior colleges, and many other programs. Well, I’m a guy from a blue-collar background, I can relate to these scholars. I never had a relative graduate from high school. These Federated Challenge Scholarship kids are my kids; they are my kind of people.”

2015 Honoree Tom Rosen of Rosen's Diversified Inc.