Holborn Corporation

With a keen eye on business and the community, Holborn is an employee-owned, independent, reinsurance brokerage firm with more than a century of experience. Always civically engaged, Holborn offers an employee gift-matching program and generous contributions to a wide range of charitable organizations.

Frank Harrison, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Holborn Corporation, and his wife Beth, were the 2016 Federated Challenge honorees.

"Back in the fourth grade when I was nine years old, virtually every grade on my report card was either a D- or an F", Frank said in his Federated Challenge address. "Worse, the comments section talked about all sorts of behavioral issues. What I remember most about that time is people telling me how bad I was. I remember people blaming me for things and I wasn't sure why. I remember people telling me I wouldn't amount to anything. I was once a Little in a way and I'm here today to tell my fellow Littles that, if anyone tells you you're bad, don't listen. If anyone tries to blame you for things that aren't your fault, don't listen. And don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't amount to anything."

"My future was bleak at nine years old. I shouldn't have been passed into the fifth grade. But, because of mentors, because of people like this in this room, people who cared, people who gave me a shot, I turned things around in my life. This Little went on to the Ivy League. This Little went on to captain one of their sports teams. This Little went on to become the CEO of a major company. It's called the America Dream. Despite all the negativity that surrounds us, I'm here to tell you that the American Dream is alive and well."