Kiya Edwards

KARE 11 News Reporter

“Our mom could not provide everything for us, but she was resourceful. Thanks to her, we found our way to several summer camps. When I was eight, our mom got us into a program that would last longer than any camp or dance. She signed us up for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“I remember my Big, Elizabeth. I remember thinking she is nothing like my wild friends.

I remember times in the car where I didn’t say much at all. But she seemed perfectly fine with that. We were matched until I was a senior in high school.

“I didn’t tell her everything that was going on in my life. But our relationship was very important to me because she was there for me.

“When I started to do theater, I would look into the audience and I would not always see my dad. But I would always see my mom. And I would always see Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth showed me that another adult cared about me. That I was worth the time. She helped shape who I am. So did BBBS itself.”

Published Date:September 19, 2019

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