Ben Leber

Retired NFL Player, College, Football Broadcaster for Fox Sports and Vikings Radio Network Sideline Analyst

“We are all here for the love and passion Big Brothers Big Sisters has. We keep hearing the words ‘mentors’ and ‘mentorship’ and ‘leadership.’ In my 10-year career, no doubt, I had lots of mentors, and lots of people who inspired me, influenced me, and helped me.

“When I think what BBBS is, it is mentorship. It’s friendship, it’s compassion. But I think more importantly, it’s love. “A lot of times we think love is physical — a touch, a hug. But love is also talking and listening. “I want to challenge you all today to do those things in your own lives, take some time, give somebody your undivided attention, even if it’s just to hear someone vent or let out the thoughts in their heads. Show them the power of love through listening, talking, conversing. Continue to educate, continue to impact, and continue to love.”

Published Date:September 17, 2019

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