Marty Fetters 1953-2021

Marty Fetters

Marty Fetters: March 16, 1953 – December 27, 2021

An important part of the evening was paying tribute to Marty Fetters, past Co-Chair of the Federated Challenge.

“Marty was the kindest, warmest, most caring and loving person I’ve ever known. She continues to be the wind beneath my wings. She loved all of you. She loved the Federated Challenge, and she loved the BBBS kids.”

“She was, and is, the bright light — the heart and soul of this Federated Challenge.” - Jeff Fetters

“Marty was a “one of a kind” woman. It didn’t matter where she was or what she was doing. She could always make people smile. She was such a beautiful soul.”

“The thing I loved the most about her, and will always remember, is her spirit. She always had a positive word to share and would not let things bring her down.” - Mackenzie Olson


Published Date:August 17, 2022

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